Annual Programmes

The Vitality Agency Annual Wellbeing Programmes are designed to mitigate risks in areas.

They are bespoke and match your needs and budget.

They can be as simple or comprehensive as you please.


A Financial institution with high stress levels

  • MBSR programme available to all staff

  • Weekly Meditation Service

  • Monthly Masseuse

  • Bi Annual Wellbeing Day – with stress management workshops, resilience coaching, onsite Acupuncture, Gong Sound meditation...


A Construction Company

  • A tailored exercise programme developed by a Chiropractor / Physiotherapist

  • An acupuncturist providing auricular acupuncture sessions – to mitigate risks caused by noise pollution

  • Lung & Respiratory Support activities

  • Monthly / Quarterly Chiropodist – offering advice and Reflexology

  • Alexander Technique Workshop  - Bi Annual – Improve Posture


We are lucky to work with an array of highly skilled professional, enabling us to bring you refreshing wellbeing programmes.


Get in touch to find out how our services can transform your workplace.

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