A Day/ Week of Vitality

The Vitality Day/ Week package gives your organisation the opportunity to try out new and effective wellbeing methods, e.g., A Sunrise Mindfulness session followed by a day with Metamorphic Technique practitioners...


Lunchtime Gong Bath (relaxing to the healing sound of the Gong) or Sound Bath (incorporating Tibetan Singing Bowls) ... amazing for relieving stress..


You could include our fascinating Pop-Up Smoothie Bar with Juicers serving deliciously yum stuff from Wheatgrass shots to fat burning smoothies.


Vitality Caterers and Chefs serve up high vibrational foods from Raw Vegan Pizza (how do you make a pizza delicious using vegetables and no heat) to Raw Avocado and Mango Noodle Salad (how do you turn courgettes into noodles) - Our chefs will illuminate your healthy eating techniques with our Living Foods workshops.


For your Vitality Day/ Week, you might like a Pop-Up clinic with Osteopaths and Inversion Therapists.


With imagination, we create packages that fit all budgets and enlighten your workforce using a light hearted approach.


The Vitality Day/ Week package is a chance to instil the mindset of your workforce with healthier lifestyle habits.


Our packages are designed to fit perfectly into your schedule and incorporate services you feel matches and surpasses your HR needs. 

We work together with you to create uplifting and inspirational Wellbeing days/ weeks.

Here are some ideas:


Wellbeing Day: (Release Your Inner Ninja)

  • Morning Tai Chi

  • Full Day Osteopathy 


Wellbeing Day: (A Day for Stilling the Mind, Nourishing the Body and Cleansing the Soul)

  • Morning Mindfulness (before work)

  • Lunchtime Living Foods Workshop with a Bicycle Smoothie Maker

  • Late Afternoon Gong Bath


Wellbeing Week:


  • Sunrise Yoga

  • Full Day Metamorphic Technique (practitioners giving individual sessions)


  • Sunrise Mindfulness Meditation

  • Half Day Osteopathy 

  • Didgeridoo Sound Therapy


  • Sunrise Yoga

  • Nutrition Coaching with a Smoothie Bike


  • Sunrise Mindfulness Meditation

  • A Half Day Session with An Inversion Therapist


  • Hula Hoop To Start The Day

  • Shiatsu

  • Wellbeing Coach


Whatever your budget and imagination allows, we create Vitality Experiences to:

Elevate Your Crew & Make Your Organisation A Great Place To Work.


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