The Power Lunch

The Power Lunch Package is designed to Energise and Refresh your workforce.

Lunchtime Shiatsu or Indian Head Massages are great for clearing the body of blocked energy (which can cause the buildup of  stress and some musculoskeletal disorders).

The Power Lunch package is a way to instill positive lifestyle habits within your workforce.


Our Coaching Workshops are designed to give tips on improving one's work/life balance.

Nutrition Coaching encompasses a number of topic – Weight Management – Food For Mood – Stress and IBS – Healthy Chocolate Making – Avoid The 4 o'clock slump.


One could easily incorporate Lunchtime Osteopathy sessions to relieve aches or mitigate musculoskeletal disorders, Alexander Technique classes to educate on effective use of the body, Rolfing to reallign the spine...


The Power Lunch package provides a platform on which  your workforce can gain vital knowledge on nurturing healthy habits.


The Lunchtime Sessions are designed to

Give Your Workforce A Boost of Vitality for Mind, Body and Soul.


Example Package 1: A package that Refreshes, Eases Tension and Promotes Healthy Living

  • Shiatsu Massage Session

  • Pop Up Smoothie Bar (serving Juices, Smoothies and high vibrational lunches


Example Package 2: A package that aims to Combat Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • A Lunchtime Osteopathy clinic

  • Alexander Technique 


Example Package 3: A package that Educates on Improving Lifestyle Habits

  • Nutrition Workshop   or

  • Wellbeing Coach

  • Mindfulness Meditation


Example Package 4: A package to Increase Energy, Fun and Vitality

  • Hula Hooping

  • Pop Up Smoothie Bar

Design packages to reflect the need of your workforce.


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