Annual Packages

The Vitality Agency presents The Annual Package.

It is an opportunity to embed health and wellbeing into your company cultures.


A fusion of classes, therapies, workshops and coaching make up your programme - based on a needs analysis and risk assessment of your employees.


Infusing health into your environment can only reap rewards and the loyalty of your staff.


The Vitality Agency focuses on practical prevention packages that maintain health and promote behavioural change.


We create packages based on your needs. 


Package 1 - Tackle MSDs

Weekly Yoga Sessions - 50 weeks

Monthly Massage Sessions - 12 Sessions


Package 2 - Improve Nutrition

Nutrition Workshops - Intro Session with follow up 1 to 1 Monthly clinics - 6 / 12 months


Package 3 - General Health Awareness

2 Wellness Weeks with an infusion of rejuvenating and innovative classes and therapies

One Annual Team Building Retreat


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