Wellbeing Programmes & Onsite Facilities

The Vitality Agency creates bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes. This is your company's commitment to becoming a healthier employer. On-site and ongoing wellbeing programmes embed health into your company culture.


By providing easy access to fitness classes, therapies and workshops, you are improving the longevity of your workforce and igniting peak performance.


Services are tailor made to align with your needs and visions.


Your Workplace Wellbeing journey can be travelled in a variety of ways.


The Vitality Sessions Wellbeing experiences aimed at promoting behavioural change.

They introduce concepts and ideas to your staff. As well as flexible taster, weekly and monthly sessions, we offer the following vitality sessions:

  • The Rise Up Session

  • The Power Lunch

  • The Vitality Day / Week

  • Annual Packages


Workplace Wellbeing Programmes are designed to fit you. We offer:

  • Pilot Schemes

  • Annual Programmes

  • 3 - 5 Year Programmes


The Vitality Agency assists in creating your permanent on-site facility.

  • A wellbeing space for your staff to take time out to meditate

  • A space for Yoga and fitness classes

  • A holistic clinic for massage and therapies

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