The Pop Up Smoothie Bar / Bike

At The Vitality Agency, we love Positive Nutrition and wholeheartedly believe in the healing power of * SMOOTHIES  * ENERGY BALLS   * RAW FOODS 


The Vitality Agency provides Pop Up Smoothie Bars and Bikes for

  • Lunchtime Treats

  • Pre Work Energy Booster Sessions

  • Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches – made entirely of raw living foods

  • Wellbeing Events

  • Team Detox Retreats

If you would like, we can come in with music, to add some vibes to the event.

  • Live Band 

  • DJ


The Vitality Agency also provides Branded Pop Up Smoothie Stands and Smoothie Bikes for your events.

These Pop Up Smoothie Stands and Bikes bear your logo, and are staffed with healthy happy smoothie staff to serve your clients.

We also provide a mobile service - with just us, our mixers and wholesome living foods - to set up at an allocated space.

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