Vision Circles

The Vitality Agency Vision Circles are a way to co-create futures as a department and as an organisation. They serve to: 

  • Galvanise staff 

  • Embolden Innovation, Create, Generate and Manifest Ideas

  • Encourage and Catalyse change for your work culture 

  • Sustain Visions for an ideal workplace

  • Improve methods  of collaborating.

Sessions run from 1-3 hours.

Through our unique set of exercises, The Vision Circle encourages:

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Compassion

  • Cohesive Thinking & Action

  • Character Building


Benefits include:

  • Encourages and Develops Cohesive Action

  • Manifest Visions in an intentional environment

  • Facilitates new methods of action

  • Helps teams to achieve goals

  • Strengthens team bonds.

The sessions often blend practices of psychodynamic group therapy with other principles of psychology and creativity.


Vision Circles are facilitated by a multidisciplinary collection of professionals - From Psychiatrists, Wellbeing Coaches, Psychotherapists, Yogis, Meditation Teachers to Entrepreneurs, Actors... 

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