Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony

The Vitality Agency Sweat Lodge Ceremonies are used for purification purposes. For centuries, the practice of sweating has been used by diverse cultures – from Native America to Finland - to cleanse and purify body, mind and spirit.

The heat enables the body to release toxins, and help clear the mind of old habits and limitations that hold us back. The heat activates emotional cleansing by diffusing the feeling of separation. The Lodge – often referred to as ‘The Womb of Mother Earth’, opens up a deeper sense of connection with the elements, ancestors and with the group.

These sessions are perfect for Team Detox Retreats and The Vitality Weekend Retreat.

As it can get quite hot in a sweat lodge, we would require certain medical information from participants in order to ensure a safe and successful session.


There are many benefits, but this is not for everyone. Those with health issues that concern their blood pressure, panic attacks, claustrophobia, heart problems, diabetes or respiratory illness must consult their doctor and gain permission before taking part. In some cases, we might refuse application.


The benefits include:

  • Release of stress and toxins

  • Reduced joint and muscle pain

  • Restorative effects beneficial for those struggling to overcome addiction

  • Rejuvenation and Reenergising Properties


More on the ceremony:

The day is one of introspection and reflection; and involves working together as a community to prepare the lodge – collecting wood, stones – clearing the area.

Fasting on the day heightens awareness. It is recommended that light food such as fruit are recommended nutrition for the day.

The ceremonies are performed inside a dome shaped hut, constructed from bent willow and covered in blankets.

A ceremonial fire is lit outside the hut, and stones, sometimes volcanic rocks are heated on this fire. These rocks are then placed in a pit, in the centre of the lodge. Water and herbs are poured over the rocks to create a remedial steam. This process is performed in time frames throughout the ceremony – commonly known as rounds.

This restorative steam helps to cleanse the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

The ceremony can be experienced with guided meditation, chanting, self massage, chanting, drumming or silence.


The Vitality Agency’s Sweat Lodge Leaders are of the highest calibre with years of experience in facilitating ceremonies and medicinal circles.

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