Spoken Word & Storytelling Circles

The Vitality Agency delivers The Spoken Word & Storytelling Circles for workplaces.


They aim to encourage creativity and break borders.

Guided by a wordsmith, you are spurred to explore the inner depths of your mind, connect with your creativity and allow your lyrical genius to flow.

This circle is designed to develop storytelling techniques.


Exercises, philosophy, props and spontaneity usually accompany this workshop that is aimed at: 

  • Connecting with the inner child that sees a world of wonder and discovery.

  • Encapsulating our primal fascination with existence and articulating it in a spell bounding manner.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Creativity

  • Increased Confidence

  • Reduced Stress and Ignites Life

  • Brings Life to Your Content Marketing Strategies

  • A Great way to approach life's challenges and solve problems.


The sessions often blend practices of psychodynamic group therapy with other principles of psychology and creativity.


The Spoken Word & Storytelling Circles are facilitated by a multidisciplinary collection of professionals - From Psychiatrists, Wellbeing Coaches, Psychotherapists, Meditation Teachers to Entrepreneurs, Actors... 

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