Parkour / Freerunning

The Vitality Agency offers Introduction to Parkour classes and workshops.

These are held at Parkour gyms or convenient open spaces.


Sessions are bespoke, and can be included within:

  • Wellbeing Days

  • Team Detox Retreats


Why we offer Parkour:


Well, the art of parcour requires creativity. It requires you to be fully in The Present, to see possibilities, to discover and uncover paths. These mental agility skills get transferred to other areas of life.

Parkour enhances fitness - is a great cardio, a great workout, a different way to stay fit - so, very engaging.

Parkour boosts confidence and is a great Team Bonding session.

N.B. With Parkour, it is advisable to start with small steps and take it from there. Regular training is needed to take it to the next level.. PRACTICE SAFELY!!!

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