Fire Dance

The Vitality Agency delivers Fire Dance Workshops as an exciting strategy to improve mental wellbeing.

It is a great team bonding experience and is usually held off-site.


Sessions are useful for:

  • Wellbeing Days

  • Team Detox Retreats


Fire Dance is an art. It ignites passion. It is a form of meditation. Its a form of self expression. It is an escape from the mundane.

The Vitality Agency recommends this workshop for bringing out one's fearless nature.

It is a great workshop for team building; a workshop where you can amass a number of skills on the poi, fire staff, fire hula hoops, finger wand, umbrella, fire fan ,,,,

Our teachers and instructors are fully insured, with years of teaching fire performance skills safely to students.

Benefits include:

  • Excellent Team Bonding

  • Improved Overall Wellbeing

  • Enhances Intuition and Flexibility

  • Stress Relief

  • Improved Posture


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