Affirmation Circles

The Vitality Agency Affirmation Circles contain a healthy dose of soul searching; a quest to destroy mental barriers that limit potential.


Affirmations are good for developing a healthy state of mind.



  • Pre-Work – usually as an add on to a Morning Meditation – an early motivator – start the day with a focussed mindset.

  • Wellbeing Day – stand-alone or an add on to Performance / Motivation Coaching session.

  • Team Detox Retreat - your chosen format - a mental strengthening exercise

  • One Hour – Guided Meditation with Affirmation Circle

  • One to Three hour workshop – with individual and group exercise.


These circles can be embellished with other workshops and therapies such as drum circles.


Benefits include:

  • Builds Resilience

  • Creates A Positive Mindset which affects Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.

  • Boosts Morale

  • Strengthens Teams

  • Creates A Dynamic Workforce

  • Breakthroughs in Creativity and performance happens once barriers are illuminated.

  • A Healthier Workplace

This all trickles down to the bottom line.


A workforce that thinks better:

  • Performs Exceptionally Well.

  • Engages Competently with clients, colleagues and consumers.

  • Productivity is Enhanced and Increased.

  • Absence and Stress Levels are reduced as one copes better with time management.

The sessions often blend practices of psychodynamic group therapy with other principles of psychology and creativity.


Affirmation Circles are facilitated by a multidisciplinary collection of professionals - From Psychiatrists, Wellbeing Coaches, Psychotherapists, Yogis, Meditation Teachers to Entrepreneurs, Actors... 


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