Wellbeing Coaching

The Vitality Agency's Corporate Wellbeing workshops are designed to improve all aspects of wellbeing in the culture of work.

Wellbeing Coaching  is engaging and increases wellbeing of the mind, body and soul.

Wellbeing Coaching helps your workforce map out and achieve their goals in and out of the workplace.

Tools used include: Positive Psychology, NLP, and CBT.


Programmes are designed to reflect your human capital needs and promote behavioural change.


Topics covered include:

  • Examining Lifestyle and Understanding Stress.

  • Relaxation

  • Improving Energy with Diet and Exercise

  • Self Healing Mechanisms

  • Improving one's workspace

  • Assessing Time Management Behaviour

  • Creating A Lifestyle Enhancement Plan


Follow Up 1-1 or group sessions are available upon request.


Benefits include:

  • A healthier and more engaged workforce

  • Employees gain a well rounded knowledge on wellbeing with tips on how to implement knowledge gained into their daily lives.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills and Stronger Team Bonds.

  • Healthier Employees mean Increased Confidence and Enhanced Performance.

  • The benefits trickle to other areas of their lives and can lead to Reduced Stress, Improved Time Management and Better Health at Work.

  • Lower Sickness Absence and therefore a reduction in costs related to sickness absence.


The Vitality Agency is lucky to work with Coaches come from diverse backgrounds – spanning sectors including Sports, Drama, Wellbeing, Corporates, Medicine and Psychotherapy.

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