Silent Disco / Silent Disco Yoga / Voga

The Vitality Agency brings Silent Disco, Silent Disco Yoga and Voga to the workplace.

These hourly sessions are brilliant for physical and mental wellbeing.


Sessions are available for:

  • Wellbeing Day

  • Early Morning Rise ‘n Shine Sessions

  • Power Lunch Sessions

  • Team Detox Retreats

  • Corporate Wellbeing Days


Music fills us with so much Joy.

Silent Disco - dancing in your own world to the music

Silent Disco Yoga - performing yoga to music - stretching with tunes

Voga - incorporating Vogue moves to a dance fitness routine.


The combination of dance and exercise is great for creativity, self expression, freedom and fun fitness.


The physical challenge of Silent Disco Yoga is a great workout – good for the cardiovascular FUNction; and a light-hearted yet effective way to lower the body mass index, reduce obesity and stay well in the workplace.


We come in with the music and headphones. You clear the space – a meeting room / conference room works well.

We provide mats at an extra charge.


If you want to dress up for the occasion, that’s up to you.


This session is about fun, happiness and exercise.

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