Raw Foods Workshop

The Vitality Agency delivers Raw Foods Workshops as preventive and early intervention measures, to improve cardiovascular health and boost employee wellness.


This proactive workshop shares knowledge on how to transform fruits, nuts, berries and raw vegetables to plant based versions of meals such as Burritos, Lasagne, Pasta, Chocolate, Cheesecake, Pizza, Tacos, Burgers and more.


The Raw Foods Workshop is an engaging introduction to Plant Based Diets – a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts – and showcases how this can be a delicious and nutritious culinary adventure.


One can use this workshop for:

  • A Power Lunch Session (Lunch and Learn)

  • A Half Day Workshop

  • A session within your Team Detox Retreat

Book this session for a workplace health promotion initiative, for wellness days / wellness weeks, or as components of a weight management|heart health employee wellness program.


Consuming certain foods in its raw, unprocessed and mostly organic state, is said to have the following benefits:

  • Body Cleanse

  • Positive Impact on Lifestyle

  • Greater Awareness of Food Intolerances (as they drop from your diet, you become aware of how your body reacts to them)

  • A Self Empowering Education on Diet & Nutrition

  • Develops and Nurtures Discipline

  • Higher Intuition

The Vitality Agency's Raw Food Chefs and Nutritions deliver wonderful creations in vegan and raw food restaurants. They also run sessions as part of workplace health programs for various organizations.

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