Healthy Chocolate Making

The Healthy Chocolate Making workshop is an enjoyable addition to employee wellness programs. The aim is to transform unhealthy snacking habits, by introducing nutritious and wholesome alternatives.


This session is delivered in a variety of styles, to fit your schedule.

  • One Hour Presentation | Demonstration
  • 2 Hour Practical Workshops
  • Elements of A Team Detox Retreat


During the class, participants are introduced to process of creating healthy chocolate using raw cacao, a superfood, which in its organic state, is said to have over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries - making it a delicious immune booster.

It is also very powerful, therefore, moderate consumption is advised.

The class can be extended to include recipes such as energy bars and other plant-based sweets. 


Book our chocolatiers and raw food nutritionists for workplace health promotion initiatives, wellness days / wellness weeks, incentives and rewards or as an element of a dynamic workplace health program.


The benefits of raw cacao include:

  • Immune booster. Raw cacao is high in flavonoids - natural antioxidants, which boosts collagen production.

  • Mood booster. Raw Cacao contains anandamide - an endorphin naturally produced by the body after exercise, that boosts the mood.

  • High in magnesium and iron

  • An innovative way to transform the snacking habits

  • A engaging nutrition health session for employee wellness programs

  • Awareness of healthy foods has a positive impact on lifestyle - This leads to a lower Body Mass Index and other benefits.

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