Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are plant-based solutions made from differing combinations of plant parts e.g., leaves, flowers or roots. Each part can have different medicinal uses.  NIMH (National Institute Of Medical Herbalists)

Herbs have impressive healing and restorative powers.


The Vitality Agency offers Herbal Medicine classes for the workplace.


Classes take the form of Presentations, Workshops, Interactive Practical Demonstrations or off-site as part of a Corporate Retreats, Team Detox Retreats and Away Days.

Choose a topic that suits your needs.


Topics Include:

  • An Introduction To Herbs, their medicinal properties and their benefits
  • Herbs for Lung Health
  • Herbs For Heart Health
  • Herbs For Improved Musculoskeletal Health
  • Herbs for Diabetes Self Management
  • Herbs To Reduce Cholesterol
  • Herbs To Boost The Immune System
  • Herbs for Weight Loss
  • Herbs To Improve Concentration
  • Herbs To Boost Mental Wellbeing | Decrease Depression, Stress & Anxiety 
  • Herbs To Combat Allergies
  • Herbal Walks & Foraging
  • Introduction To Ayurveda
  • Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine


Benefits include:

  • Their impressive healing properties
  • Cost effective – when compared with conventional medicine
  • Promotes long term overall wellbeing
  • Enhances awareness and understanding of positive nutrition


The Vitality Agency's Herbal Medicine classes are taught by licensed herbalists.

Book Herbal Remedies Workshops for your workplace health promotion initiatives; wellness days / wellness weeks; or as elements of a comprehensive workplace health program.

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