The Vitality Agency provides Rolfing Therapists for the workplace.

Rolfing is often used to treat chronic pain and muscular imbalances.


Rolfing is beneficial for:

  • Employees who have developed a poor posture due to the sedentary behaviour of their role

  • Workplaces with high levels of MSDs


The sessions can be taken as:

  • Drop In Hourly Sessions

  • Half Day Clinics

  • Full Day Clinics

  • Ten week  programme


Rolfing is a massage technique that involves manipulating the body's connecting tissues in order to realign the spine.

The deep soft tissue manipulation and movement education of Rolfing is aimed at affecting the structure and the posture of the body over the long term.

Rolfing works with all the layers of the body to ease strain patterns in the entire system


Benefits include:

  • Improvement In Posture, Balance and Freedom of Movement

  • Give you a bounce and a boost of energy.

  • Helps with recognition and release of habitual and restrictive movement and postural patterns.

  • Increased whole body awareness

  • A more positive body image

  • Reduced unnecessary tension in the body

  • Reduced Chronic Stress

  • Enhanced Neurological Functioning

  • Increased Balance and Flexibility

  • Positive impact on the bottomline with lower absence costs and improved productivity

Our Rolfing Therapists are Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured.

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