The Vitality Agency supplies registered Osteopaths for:

  • Drop In Sessions

  • Weekly Clinics

  • Lunchtime Clinics

  • After Work sessions

  • Half or Full Day Clinics

Using massage and soft tissue stretching, Osteopathy offers a gentle non invasive way to help relieve pain and stiffness without the use of medication.

Perfect for the whole musculoskeletal system and great to relieve headaches, backaches, stiff joints...

Workplaces and employees including offices, warehouses, construction sites, drivers can benefit from these sessions in the workplace.


Benefits include

  • Reduced short term and long term absence plus associated costs

  • Increase in productivity and profits due to healthier staff

  • Boost in staff morale

  • Relief in the lower back area

  • Relaxed joints and muscles

  • Enhanced Musculoskeletal system

Our Osteopaths are Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured.

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