Feldenkrais - Awareness through Movement

The Vitality Agency offers Feldenkrais workshops for the workplace.


These sessions can be had as:

  • Introductory Taster Workshops

  • Weekly / Monthly Class

  • As a therapeutic intervention strategy to relieve pain and improve the musculoskeletal function


Feldenkrais offers a unique way to release the potential of the physical function through learning and movement. The classes focus on improving posture through movement and breathing. The harmonisation of these three elements lead to enhanced physical grace. One is made aware of poor habitual movement patterns. These are corrected by instilling new movement patterns, often taught using slow, gentle and repeated actions.


Feldenkrais is known to be beneficial to those that suffer back pain.

Having regular Feldenkrais sessions at work can also reap the following benefits:

  • Relief from tension and muscular pain

  • Easier and fuller breathing, decreasing stress and anxiety

  • Greater relaxation and improved mental wellbeing

  • Greater ease in everyday activities

  • This also filters through to the bottom line by reducing long and short term absence costs.

  • Productivity also improves and increases as a result of a healthier workforce.

Our practitioners are Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured.

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