Alexander Technique

The Vitality Agency delivers workshops and Alexander Technique classes.


These educational sessions are good for promoting behavioural change. The sessions are taught on a 1-1 basis or with groups.

Classes last for 40 - 45 minutes.


These sessions can be had as:

  • Introductory Workshops

  • Taster sessions for wellbeing days

  • 4 / 10 week programme


Alexander Technique teaches improved posture and movement methods. This method is known to reduce and prevent problems caused by poor postural habits.

During a number of lessons, you are taught how to be more aware of your body and move more effectively.


This session is particularly good for employees

  • In Sedentary Workplaces

  • Who regularly lift heavy goods


Practitioners say that conditions such as backacke and other sorts of long term pain are often the results of misusing your body over a long period of time.


Teachers believe the benefits of the technique

  • Helps get rid of tension in the body

  • Relieves problems such as back pain, sore shoulders and, neck ache and other MSDs.

This positively impacts the bottom line with reduced absenteeism/presenteeism and increased & improved productivity.


Our practitioners are Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured.

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