MSDs & Back Care

The Vitality Agency provides a holistic range of sessions that educate on back care and assist with recovery from Musculoskeletal Disorders.


Please follow individual links to find out more on each session.


The Back and Neck Pain Clinic consists of therapies that provide support for employees with MSDs.


Relief from Upper Limb Disorders and related symptoms also relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


Alexander Technique equips your staff with practical tools for healthy postures, lifting, sitting, walking...


Inversion Therapy is a fun and unusual way to keep your back supple.


Therapies are available as ongoing support services- Massage and Osteopathy are great ways to Maintain A Healthy Back.


These therapies help prevent the onset of MSDs. They are natural and simple ways  to alleviate the pain associated with MSDs.


Rolfing and Bowen Technique go a lot deeper into transforming postures and habits.


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