Anger Management

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Course

  • 4 – 8 week programme

Suggested number of participants – 15 people.


The content can also be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.


My managers have noticed a warmer and relaxed atmosphere in my presence. My thinking is clearer and sharper leading to swifter effective decision making and I feel more enthusiastic, energetic and motivated at work”

Anger is a basic emotion. Although it is a healthy and normal emotion, it is probably also the most complex. Often, it is managed inadequately. It can be destructive, even turn to aggression. Anger can lead to physical problems, stress, depression, anxiety and can cause much distress to others as well as adversely affecting your personal well-being.

The goal of anger management is to reduce the feelings that anger creates. Many forms of interventions can help individuals to explore the underlying issues, by knowing how to recognize and express anger in the correct way. This can help people to reach their goals, solve problems, handle emergencies and improve relationships.

Who can Benefit

Are you irritable and fly off the handle often?
Do you take anger out on loved ones?
Do you swallow anger and let it fester?
Do you believe anger should not be expressed?
Do you let your bottled up anger affect your health and relationships?
Do you want to enhance your knowledge of dealing with difficult emotions, and become more emotionally aware and confident?

If you have answered yes to any of these then this course is for you.



  • Understand Anger

  • Identify the signs

  • Uncover unhelpful habits that feed anger

  • Learn simple techniques that reduce anger, and integrate these into busy high pressured schedule

  • Become calmer and relaxed in trigger moments

  • Be clearer and make better decisions

  • Increased resourcefulness and achieve more in your day

  • Be able to communicate clearly and accurately

  • Become less stressed

  • Be healthier and active


Course Content

  • Understanding types of Anger

  • Sources Of Anger

  • Beliefs around Anger

  • Anger Timeline

  • Implications Of Avoiding Anger

  • A wide range of safe techniques to avoid anger

  • Practice Of several techniques

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