Time Management Course

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Workshop

  • Power Lunches - Lunch & Learns

  • 4 – 8 week programmes

Suggested number of participants: 15 people

This course can be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.


This course helps participants to manage time effectively, thereby improving performance and reducing stress.


Course Content:

  • Time Management Questionnaire

  • Balancing Demands and Resources

  • Guidelines on coping with time pressures

  • How to create more time

  • Prioritisation Grid – urgent vs. Important – the 4 Ds

  • Summary of Do’s and Don’ts of Creating time

  • Action steps for using your time constructively

  • Law of least effort – maximum output with minimum effort

  • Hard Time vs. Soft time

  • Work Life Balance

  • Managing Meetings effectively

  • Planning – long term and short term goal setting and exercises

  • Simple steps to assertiveness

  • Dealing with people who steal your time

  • Effective delegation

  • Simple yet powerful techniques for dealing with stress

  • Case Studies

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