Communication Skills Course

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Workshop

  • Power Lunches - Lunch & Learns

  • 4 – 8 week programmes

Suggested number of participants: 15 people

This course can be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in all areas of life - from being efficient and professional at work on all levels from managerial to front line staff and customers to having happy and fulfilling relationships at home.

Effective communication is also directly linked to our confidence and self-esteem levels, which influence our success and prosperity in life.



  • Increase awareness of your communication style and body language.

  • Become aware of helpful and unhelpful ways of communication

  • Be a good listener.

  • Make better decisions

  • Reduce and resolve conflict

  • Learn and gain confidence to say no.

  • Learn to give criticism without offending

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase confidence, enhance resilience and wellbeing.


Course Content

  • Step One – What is your communication style? Understand passive, aggressive and assertive styles

  • Step Two – Blocks to effective communication that cause stress

  • Step Three – Essential skills in communication that build resilience and wellbeing. 3F model.

  • Step Four - Context Of Communication

  • Step Five – Communicating in difficult situations. Giving criticism, saying No.

  • Action plan. Take Away Workbook.

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