Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Vitality Agency offers Japanese Tea Ceremonies as a unique and engaging way to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and improve general mental wellbeing.


Sessions last from one to four hours and can be held at:

  • Lunchtimes

  • Wellbeing Days

  • Team Detox Retreats


The Japanese Tea Ceremony spreads the knowledge of Chado - The Way Of The Tea - a Japanese tradition dating back over 400 years. The ceremony conveys the Japanese concept of the phrase  一期一会 (ichigo-ichie). 


The phrase translates as "once in a lifetime encounter."

In the modern world, many people are involved with anxieties over the future, we forget the beauty of the moment.


The Japanese Tea Ceremony brings into focus, the uniqueness and significance of each moment; and even though we might see it again, the moment will never be the same.


The ceremony encourages relaxation, and an appreciation for the simple things in life.

Benefits include: 

  • An enhanced awareness of the NOW.

  • An appreciation of the moment

  • Reduced Stress

  • Increased Focus

The Vitality Agency - Tea Meditation Sessions
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