Workplace Wellbeing - Mental Health

The Vitality Agency shakes off the stigma attached to mental health by firmly planting ourselves in the solution zone.


The world is changing and so are we.

Services offered, move along with the times to drive engagement upwards and deliver a refreshing stance towards improving mental health.


The Vitality Agency offers a healthy mix of classical, contemporary, progressive and unconventional services to drive wellbeing forward - Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health Awareness Training, Mindfulness, Didgeridoo Sound Therapy, Forest Bathing, Herbal Medicine, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Stress Management, Resilience Coaching, Affirmation Circles, Laughter Yoga, Healthy Chocolate Making, Singing Workshops, Language Classes and Tea Meditations are amongst offerings towards decreasing stress, anxiety, burnout and depression.


Some of the physical wellbeing and team bonding sessions are also known to be mood boosters.

"What You Focus On, Expands."


It is with this belief, we present to you, our range of services that:

  • Challenge issues such as anxiety, stress, burnout and depression

  • Transform Company Cultures

  • Create Great Places To Work


The Vitality Agency works with a team of highly skilled and fully insured practitioners. 



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