Work Life Balance Course

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Workshop

  • Power Lunches - Lunch & Learns

  • 4 – 8 week programmes

Suggested number of participants: 15 people

This course can be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.


I’m extremely happy with the experience and feel that my company and myself have both benefitted a good deal by it.”

Want to turn your passion into productivity, but have no time to do so?
Juggling with multiple demands?
No time to relax in a high pressure routine?
Do not know how to make time?
Want to learn and apply techniques to achieve a perfect work-life balance?
Want these techniques to accelerate personal and professional growth?


  • Understand principles of time management

  • Understand principles of relaxation

  • Create time for personal development

  • Practice variety of simple techniques which accelerate work life balance

  • Gain scientific information on theories presented

  • Experience benefits of practicing techniques

  • Learn to accelerate personal & professional growth

  • Reinforce self learning

  • Action planning

Course Content

  • Summary of dos and don’ts of creating time

  • How to create more time

  • Action steps for using your time constructively

  • Elements of a perfect work-life balance

  • Law of least effort – maximum output with minimum effort

  • Work Life balance plan

  • Hard Time vs. Soft time

  • Personal enhancement techniques

  • Intermittent practice of simple, easy to learn and integrate techniques throughout the day.


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