Team Building Course

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Course

Suggested number of participants – 15 people


(The facilitator) was engaging and was able to put everyone at ease. The team felt that they were able to take away techniques to support them in their roles.”


Highly effective teams can be nurtured by utilising people’s differences as strengths.


This course will benefit organisations that are experiencing:

  • Conflicts and Stresses

  • Bullying and Unhealthy Cultures



  • Strengthen individual capabilities

  • Increase participation and involvement

  • Getting to know each other better

  • Building trust

  • Opening up and enhancing communication

  • Increase motivation to a common goal

  • More Understanding and Tolerance

  • Fair distribution of work

  • Decrease sickness levels and absenteeism

  • Reduce Stress and Enhance wellbeing in teams

  • Increase effectiveness and earning power


Course Content

This programme is an excellent balance of the following.

  • Identify outcomes / expectation and barriers

  • Processing issues (e.g., communication, change management, emotional literacy, assertiveness, bullying, different cultures, stress...)

  • Bonding and getting to know each other activities

  • Developing Positives of team

  • Fun activities

  • Varied group work

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