Mental Health Awareness & Management Course

The Vitality Agency delivers this workshop as:

  • A One Day Course

  • Power Lunches - Lunch & Learns

  • 4 – 8 week programme

Suggested number of participants – 15 people


The content can also be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.


Who Can Benefit


  • Front Line Employees or others who have regular contact with the general public

  • Employees who work closely with those affected by mental health issues.

  • Managers, whose role involves application of legislation, supporting employees with mental health issues.





  • Manage customer and clients presenting with Mental Health issues

  • Manage Employee Mental Health

  • Reduce Sickness Absence

  • Enhance Corporate Wellbeing

  • Reduce Retraining and Recruitment costs (brought on as a result of losing staff with mental health issues)

  • Prevent Mental Health issues in the workplace

  • Preserve skills and experience of staff potentially at risk of a negative Mental Health Diagnosis

  • Apply legal duty of care and risk assessments


Benefits for Manager and Employee

  • Develop and apply skills in addressing minor and major Mental Health issues at work

  • Learn about different Mental Health diagnosis minor and major

  • Identify signs and symptoms of onset

  • Overview Of Treatment methods

  • Understand legal responsibilities regarding Mental Health

  • Discuss and explore issues at all stages of work life e.g., recruitment, starting at work, relapse, recovery, rehabilitation, return to work, sustaining work pattern

  • Enhance Wellbeing

  • Raise awareness of own Mental Health

  • Learn prevention strategies

  • Learn and practice coping strategies

  • Apply learning to case examples

  • Action Planning


Course Content

  • Overview Of a range of common Mental Health diagnosis

  • Depression

  • Post Traumatic Syndrome

  • Schizophrenia

  • Bi-polar

  • Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Mental Health Law

  • Holistic Model for Managing an individual with Mental Health issues in the workplace

  • Managing Employee Mental Health

  • Case Scenarios

  • Action Planning

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