Managers Managing Stress

The Vitality Agency provides this workshop as:

  • A One Day Workshop

  • 4 - 8 week programme

Suggested number of participants - 15 people

The content can also be delivered for an individual in a 1-1 coaching format.

Who can Benefit

All managers, supervisors and team leaders who are committed to minimising the impact of stressful situations on their employees and organisations, as well as abiding by their Legal Duty of care to their staff.

This course will enable managers to fulfil their legal duty in protecting the wellbeing of their employees at work; hence, enhancing productivity and profits.


  • Define and Understand the concept of stress Individual | Organisational | Governmental Perspective

  • Short Term & Long Term symptoms of stress Self | Employees | Immediate environment

  • Coping Strategies and Techniques

  • Stress and The Law

  • Managers responsibilities within the legal framework

  • The Governmental Management Standards

  • Risk Assessment Processes

  • Useful Risk Assessment and Solution generating tools

  • Application of theory to case studies

  • Action planning and Evaluation



The business case for addressing stress at work has multiple elements: economic, legal, financial and moral, not forgetting poor performance of staff working under pressure prior to stress related absence.

If ignored, stress can have long standing effects, such as increase in sickness absences, loss in performance, high turnover of staff, low morale, all accumulating in increased costs and at its worst a breakdown of the whole organisation.

Early intervention in addressing this issue can prevent this downward spiral and create and maintain a happy, healthy and high performing workforce.

Most organisations are unaware of the actual costs to their business and of the dramatic savings that can be made by effectively managing stress at work.

A tenth of managers are ‘close to breaking point’, while many are too stressed and overburdened to help team members deal with their own pressures, a survey has revealed.

The survey of 6,000 employees, carried out by healthcare provider Bupa, found that one in five middle managers have felt stressed for more than a year.  Half said they felt ‘constantly worried’, whilst 40 per cent have experienced depression as a result of being stressed.

However, the majority of managers feel unable to share their issues with peers, with 15 per cent claiming that this might make them appear weak.  Two out of three of those surveyed said they would keep quiet about their stress, with only 12 per cent feeling they could speak to their boss about their stress levels.


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