Raw Foods Workshop

The Vitality Agency delivers Raw Foods Workshops as a preventative and early intervention nutrition workshop.


One can incorporate this workshop as a:

  • Power Lunch Session (Lunch 'n Learn)

  • Half Day Workshop

  • Session within a Team Detox Retreat


This proactive and engaging workshop empowers employees, equipping them with fresh, creative tools and principles to manage health and thrive.

Of the many possibilities out there, earn how to make:

  • Raw Burritos

  • Raw Carrot & Coriander Rolls

  • Zucchini Marinara Pasta

  • Raw Vegan Banana Cream Cheesecake


Consuming certain foods in its uncooked, unprocessed mostly organic state has its benefits that include:

  • Body Cleanse

  • Positive Impact on Lifestyle

  • Greater Awareness of Food Intolerances (as they drop from your diet, you become aware of how your body reacts to them)

  • A Self Empowering Education on Diet & Nutrition

  • Develops and Nurtures Discipline

  • Higher Intuition

The Vitality Agency's Raw Food Chefs deliver wonderful creations in vegan and raw food restaurants. They also run corporate workshops as well as sessions for the general public.


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